Colledge of Tula State University

March 24 at the Technical College. S.I. Mosin of Tula State University passed the Open Day.

It was traditionally crowded, interesting, informative and memorable. However, this time as the future entrants acted in the majority the guys. What, in principle, only adds points to their advantage: the guys have seriously thought about their profession and want to learn about it as much as possible.

The ninth-grader of the Education Center No. 15 of the city of Tula, Artemy Korchagin, came to college with his mother Tatyana Vladimirovna.

Artemiy for himself has already decided that he will be an auto mechanic. But the wise mother advised her son to get acquainted not only with this, but also with other specialties. And with the college as a whole.

“I chose this educational institution, because I’m going to continue my studies at Tula State University,” Artemy said. I listened to my mother’s advice. And that’s why we will go to all days of open doors.

Pupil Kunenkov, a pupil of the 9th form of the Education Center No. 25 in the city of Tula, and his father, Aleksei Nikolaevich, also came to the conclusion that with the Technical College. S.I. Mosin TulGU should get acquainted thoroughly.

“It’s heard that this is the best college in the city.” Of course, played a role and that he is part of the structure of higher education – admitted the guests. – Here we want to learn about all the specialties, to visit all the days of open doors.

Maxim Mikulenko studies in the ninth grade of the Education Center No. 39 in the city of Tula. On the site of TulGU I read information about our college and decided to see everything with my own eyes. Mom Elena Pavlovna supported her son.

“I’m very interested in IT technologies,” Maxim said. – My plans are: go to college and successfully disaccustom it. Well, then you can think about higher education.

The ninth-formers of the Center for Education No. 34 of the city of Tula Ruslan Vorotnikov were accompanied by Pope Yury Alekseevich at the open day.

“Parents advised me to do this,” the schoolboy said. – I myself found information on the college on the Internet. I got acquainted.

– Yes, my wife and I advised our son, – Yuri Alekseevich confirmed. – And also on the Internet about college TulGU read. We have created a very good impression of him. And our friends recommended this school. At them the son there is disaccustomed, and the daughter still studies. Everyone is happy!

“After college, I would like to enter the Tula State University,” Ruslan stressed. – I already think about higher education.

… The Vice-rector of Tula State University – the director of the Technical College named after T.ShSU, greeted future applicants and their parents with a greeting word. S.I. Mosin Vitaliy Nikolaevich Skryabin.

He noted that the educational institution has a 140-year history of educational activities. The college is the only university educational institution of secondary vocational education in the Tula region. It is one of the twenty best colleges in Russia.

Tula State University won the competition and received the status of a basic university. And weighty points in this victory were added exactly by college.

Technical specialties, implemented by the college of Tula State University, are in demand on the modern labor market. The educational institution prepares specialists for the high-tech industries of our industry.

The staff of the college is unique: more than 75% of teachers have the highest qualification. In addition, teachers of the Tula State University take part in the educational process.

– The average score of students entering the college is above four. And our students correspond to these points, – Vitaly Nikolaevich emphasized. – Our discipline is at the proper level. Knowledge, education, culture – this is the basis of our activities. Students of the college are engaged in various creative groups, participate in sports events. Live a busy and interesting life! We respect, develop and multiply the traditions of Tula State University. Our graduates have the highest percentage of employment. Many of them after college come to TulGU …

Vitaly Nikolaevich passed the relay to the graduates.

Polina Fedoseeva and Vitaly Afanasyev graduated from the specialty “Special machines and devices”. The girl is currently working as a process engineer at the Tula Arms Factory, and the young man is a leading design engineer at the Stamp plant. Both after the college for internal tests entered the faculty of evening and correspondence education of Tula State University, on the specialty “Technology and machines for metal forming.”

A fourth-year student of the same specialty, Daniil Guzienko, is almost a graduate. Ahead of him defense of the thesis.

“I’ll serve in the army, and then I’ll go to Tula State University,” the young man shared. – I have a dream to become a gunsmith. I’m putting it into practice!

And Polina, and Vitaly, and Daniel – all of them expressed deep gratitude to their native college for the knowledge they received here.