Gout before the award brought

Post-graduate students of the Medical Institute of Tula State University successfully performed at the Nesterov Readings.

Last week, in the Central House of Scientists in Moscow, the Department of Faculty Therapy named after Academician A.I. Nesterov RNIMU him. N.I. Pirogov of the Ministry of Health of Russia held the VI Scientific and Practical Conference “Nesterov Readings” – the memory of the Teacher.

The conference is traditionally held within the framework of the Program of Postgraduate Medical Education in the specialty “Rheumatology”. The traditional therapeutic aspects of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, antiphospholipid syndrome and systemic scleroderma, as well as the relationship between infection and autoimmune pathology are considered within the framework of the “Nesterov Readings”.

The program includes consideration of interdisciplinary issues of rheumatology in general therapeutic practice, new methods of early diagnosis and treatment of basic rheumatic diseases, application of innovative technologies in the treatment of patients, analysis of complex clinical cases, interactive voting of conference participants.

During the “Nesterov readings – 2018” master classes were held, as well as a contest of young scientists of medical universities of the country. Tula State University on it represented the post-graduate students of the Department of Internal Medicine Angela Oktaevna Plakhova and Elena Sergeevna Nikitina.

Under the guidance of the scientific adviser, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Valentina Nikolaevna Sorotskaya, the post-graduate students prepared a unique clinical case of gout development in a 25-year-old patient with spinal cord injury and imitation of the tumor process.

– I presented an oral report to the scientific community – the competition, of course, was more than high. I understood that the best of the best students of the country’s leading institutes came to the competition – the SZGMU named after M.Sh. THEM. Mechnikov, NIIR them. V.A. Nasonova and others, – shared the impressions of A. Plakhov. – We are very grateful to our scientific leader Valentina Nikolaevna for her support, advice and a spirit of victory …

A competent jury of 12 people evaluated the reports, taking into account strict regulations, presentation, oral presentation and answers to questions. As a result of the competition, Tula State University representatives took the second place.

We congratulate them on a significant scientific victory!